Saturday, January 1, 2011

UMS students Sections 104 & 113, START HERE!

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Hello UMS students of Sections 104 and 113!

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English for Academic Reading and Writing UB00402
Section 104 / Podium 1A
7.00-10.00 PM (Tuesdays)


Oral Communication in English UB00202
Section 113 / Podium C
7.00-10.00 PM (Wednesdays)


Joanna said...

hi Mr.M.......
im so nervous for our final exam tonight....
i still dont knw how is the format...
in group right?
im from section 113 umskal, oral communication in english

maggot said...

Don't worry. Come early and I will brief it at one go. The oral presentation has been turned to a MUET based format.