Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 Apr - Final Exam (Oral Presentation)


I have decided that the most fair and smoothest format is the MUET-based speaking format. There will be two tasks; Task A and Task B.

Here is the standard instruction sample:

This is how the test will run tonight:
  1. Students will draw lots and be assigned to a new group of 4
  2. Groups will take turn to be assessed similar to MUET format
  3. The group can stay in class and watch their peers perform
  4. Tasks will take up 30 minutes
  5. Students may leave once they are assessed
Please come on time (7 PM) since there are 6 groups to be assessed in 3 hours. NO postponement is allowed. If you miss this test, you will NOT pass the course.

Remember that the most important thing in this test is this. Language is secondary. Use mind-map, QIQS, structure in your presentation and you will definitely earn decent point.

See you!

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