Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 Mar - APA Citation Format + Paraphrasing + Persuasive Essay

APA Citation Format
  1. Long Island University: APA Citation Style
  2. Mr. M's Progressive Lesson Plan blog: APA References Style

 Writing Persuasive Paragraph
  1. Analyse a persuasive essay in College Reading 4 (pp. 128-132). Look at the margin of the essay and highlight the structure of persuasiveness of the essay
  2. Watch this video: Messages From Water (YouTube)
  3. Based on the persuasive essay that you have read and based the Message from Water video, write a persuasive body paragraph on the relationship of water molecules and power of human mind.
  4. You may include in-text citation or otherwise, you may write a long paragraph or otherwise. It is up to you. But please write a complete body paragraph
  5. Email your paragraph to: azzad.works(at)gmail(dot)com
  6. Please include your NAME in your email.
  7. Here are some slides to guide you:

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