Sunday, September 6, 2009

Progressive Lesson Plan

Are you protesting over a subject matter and thinking of using a cow's head in your parade?

Have you adopted Maling, Malingsial, Indon or Indonesial as terms of endearment?

You might want to think your options over.

Perhaps your parents did not bring you up well. Perhaps you are just an angry angry child post-puberty. Teachers could not play parents but we could assist.

Help the teachers who want to change this distorted picture a little bit.

This group is not playing hero. However we need lesson plan ideas big or small, on how to propagate tolerance and progressive thinking in classroom. Our agenda is to allow progressive, pluralistic views to penetrate into students' psyche.

Yes, you can debate on pluralism and blatant agenda-pushing in classroom as biased, partial or committal. Help us make it discreet and subtle, ok? Sometimes, we are not very smart also.

If teachers have failed to help, then we could target leaders. Just, they're very very busy, mind you. Consider that a warning.

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