Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CHAPTER 4 – Understand *Supporting Details

Philips V900 Advertisement

Significant points from Chapter 4 include:

1. SD support the main idea by telling how, when, where, why, how much, how many.

2. SD provide examples, facts, descriptions, explanations, or reasons.

3. What additional information does the author provide to help me understand the main idea?

4. Look for signal words: first, second, next, also, in addition, moreover.

5. Scan
  • Have a question in mind, specific kind of info
  • Use headings, boldfaced words, italics, numbers, charts, quotation marks
  • Ignore unimportant info
  • Move eyes rapidly across the text
*Refer to the Fish Bone

Related questions:
  1. What do you see in these advertisements?
  2. What makes the “story” in these advertisements understandable?
  3. How do they make you feel when you “read” these advertisements?


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