Saturday, April 11, 2009

MUET Workshop

Quite a number of students have been asking about the new MUET format as well as the tips and advice on how to prepare for the exams. To be honest I cannot answer all of that in one email or two.

The best is to buy a book on MUET new format or attend a briefing or a workshop for it. You can refer here and here for the new format.

I am also considering, if the number is sizable, to organize a workshop. Let me know if you are interested by emailing me your name and your contact no.

The best is to have 8 to 12 students so we could have a good number for the Speaking Exam practice. I don't need a big class. Minimal number of students for this workshop to run is 8.

You could also suggest the best time to do this. Ideally it will be carried out in 4 classes, less than 2 hours each, depending on how much help you need. Fees will be minimal.

Mr M's MUET Workshop
Minimum no. of participant: 8
Maximum no. of participant: 16
Fee: RM80 per person (About RM10 per hour, including workshop materials)

Workshop synopsis
This workshop will be carried out in four 2-hour sessions. Materials of the workshop will be provided to participants which contain all tips and tricks in answering all four newly-formatted papers: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. All participants will have a chance to not only grasp the theories but will also put what they have learned into practice in the workshop.

Skills objectives
By the end of the workshop, students will . . .
Reading*: be aware of the new nature of reading questions and the best way to answer them
Writing*: be writing according to the MUET marking scheme
Listening*: be aware of the new nature of listening questions and the best way to answer them
Speaking: definitely be able to prepare in 2 minutes & speak in the 2-minute allocated time.

(*) indicates new format


terencewang said...

yeah that is ture....also for me ,,,,some times when some people faced the quiz or text ,,,,they also very scary,,,,,,i think that is a kind of natural instincts,,,,some student still keep it .......haha...
anyway i see you post the college reading text on blog ,,,,,,it is very useful for me ,,i can practise well ,also can check the answer later .......
i want to know is there have the material or text ,quiz paper for "college oral Communication 3&4 " and "college writing " ..........
if you can do me a favor to post it on blog that would be better.....Thanks.....

here is my email adress : if that is avalible ,,,i really want to talk with you about the english writing......thanks

terencewang said...

please give me some response whatever you see

terencewang said...

oh,,,,,,,,,,i am really want to talk with you ,,,,,,so ,please give me some response ,,,thank you .......